Fresh from a national support tour with fellow DIY-til-you-die Ruby Fields, young FRITZ is steadily gaining a legion of followers thanks to her quirky on-stage banter and infectious laugh. With momentum like this, ‘Pointless’ social events may be a thing of the past. 

Since heaps of people think she is pretty cool we asked her essentials you need in a starter pack.  Write them down. 


8 Things that would be in FRITZ’S starter pack

1. Checkered Trousers

An absolute wardrobe staple of mine – If I am not wearing checkered pants there is probably something wrong.

2. Sunscreen

This pale goth must apply sunscreen every morning, even when I’m not going outside.

3. The Muppets

The Muppets are like mascots to me. After watching almost every episode I can say that I have grown an emotional bond with them. They are just so cute and funny what else can I say.

4. Literally any meme

My band is very fond of stupid and mostly nonsense memes and we really make it known – no shame.

5. Platform sneakers

Similar to checkered trousers – If I am not wearing platform sneakers there is probably something wrong.

6. Strawberry Milk

The go-to beverage. Definitely makes me sick but that does not stop me.

7. Bandcamp

The streaming site that essentially started FRITZ. I didn’t even think about putting my music out on anything else other than Bandcamp. I still use it frequently to buy albums.

8. Mullet

To top of the FRITZ look: A half ironic half not ironic mullet is essential.


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