Blending sunny melodies, exultant horns, and joyful jazzy/soul vibes, at times walking the line between Rag n Bone Man, HAIM, and even Alabama ShakesSt Louis is a breath of fresh air that showcases the talents of one of Australia’s best singer-songwriters in Alt-Country scene, moving into territories of the alt-pop scene.
Marking a sparkling peek into Ziller’s upcoming third album, All These Walls due out Friday August 25, St Louis will also be witnessed live around the country, with Ziller hitting the road extensively throughout August, September and November!
For this tour, Ziller has given us her Dream Rider for the road:

A Passel of Puppies. Chihuahuas are preferred, Miniature Dachshund or other small & fluffy breeds are also acceptable! I’m a little dog person … and have you seen a Chihuahua puppy?? They are the cutest of all puppies!

Bean bags, couches, shag rugs, snuggly blankets. For snoozing and puppy cuddling of course!

Fresh Flowering Jasmine & Petrachore. Because they are the best smells 

Cheese! All of the cheese…. Because cheese!

A Hot Spring with a waterfall . My favorite way to relax is to take a super hot shower with really high water pressure. So to lounge in a hot spring under a waterfall of hot water, I’m relaxing just thinking about it!!!

The cast of Ted Lasso – in character!! I don’t think this needs an explanation!

Keven Costner – to read Dances with Wolves to me. That man’s voice … I could listen to him all day long!

Suzie Cave – to dress & style me . Her husband can come too 😉

My Sister & My Bestie – cause all these things are better when you can share them with your favorite people 

A surprise gift for everyone. Who doesn’t like presents!

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