Inovo are a three-piece Alt-Prog band based in Brisbane , Australia, who formed in 2015, are constantly reaching new heights with their unique and captivating sound. Their emphasis on fear-based storytelling is complemented by irregular rhythms and haunting tonalities. 

 My Top Five Music Videos by Declan Nicholls – Inovo


In no particular order:


1: Molten Light – Chad VanGaalen


This music video will always give me goosebumps. Chad VanGaalen’s artistic style is rich and vibrant in such a liquid and dream-like way, and matches this song to a T. It follows the story the lyrics tell very closely and illustrates it in a more vivid way than anyone’s imagination could have wanted to. The moments of bizarre shock and body horror that are glazed over with the bright colours, hallucinogenic scenes and charming music make this clip more than a little unsettling and completely delightful.

2: Fantasy – DyE


Probably the best known video on my list, and for good reason. Deeply disturbing, difficult to watch and discomforting to the nth degree, I interpreted the clip as a depiction of the corruption of innocence, especially in adolescents discovering their sexuality, maturity and the social/peer pressures surrounding these experiences. It brings these insecurities and primal fears into the physical realm with a tinge of the familiar, only barely covering the mortal madness and depravity bubbling just beneath the surface. The song remains at a consistent level through the entire clip which lends a normality to the ensuing chaos; hinting at what goes on behind closed doors and smiling faces. Plus I love body/lovecraftian horror, which drives this right up my alley.


3: The Ghost of Stephen Foster Squirrel Nut Zippers


This clip is just massively fun. I absolutely love this old-school animation style and the song is a cracker that brings the energy of the clip to a ridiculous level. The big band style of the track is overwhelmingly upbeat, and the clip matches this with the weird and wild journey of a haplessly innocent couple through the Hotel Paradise, hounded at every turn by the bizarre and somewhat threatening concierge. The video is endlessly charming, matches the music perfectly, and the fluid animation is a pleasure to watch.


4: Postcard from 1952 – Explosions In The Sky


The only live-action music video on my list, and it really hit me hard the first time I saw it. I’m a huge Explosions In The Sky fan; they’re so incredibly good at telling a story without a single word, and this video continues to exemplify that. It elevates the emotional resonance of the song and tells a story of a life lived to the fullest. The song itself captures the essence of life, with each section seamlessly transitioning into the next, and the clip reflects that in such a beautiful and poignant way. Every time I watch it I am captivated by the way the video brings me so much nostalgia, inviting memories of family, friends and change. I’m not crying, you’re crying.


5: The Raven That Refused To Sing – Steven Wilson


This song is so effortlessly beautiful, emotional, enlightening and melancholy, and the video manages to match those same qualities with its simplistic art style and vivid themes. Steven Wilson is a storyteller at heart, and the clip is such an accurate portrayal of the tale he created with this song that it almost seems like a classic fable to match that of Aesop or the Brothers Grimm. You feel so strongly for the old man and understand his pain, and being the physical embodiment of grief and loss, he is something everyone can relate to in one way or another. This song is transcendent, and the way the clip so perfectly illustrates every movement of the journey is a testament to the power of music videos as an art form.

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