Jinz Moss is a geographically challenged, London born, Kent raised artist. His music
reputation reflects on his countless years of debauchery with lyrical content painted
with vivid imagery seen through both poetic and comical lens

Jinz Moss and his Top 5 Things to Eat

Jinz Moss is a New Zealand based rapper that channels his home-land UK Hip Hop roots in his new single ‘Time’. Ingeniously creative and both lyrically and visually enthralling, ‘Time’ is about the feeling of losing time. The single was produced in house with his New Zealand crew Raw Collective. Jinz Moss has written about this Top 5 things to eat.

#1  Roast Dinner 

Roast dinner reminds me of being strung out at my mums in Kent after a weekend taking coke, Sunday evening she would always cook roast dinner which made me feel human and loved after a whole lot of inhuman behaviour. Deffo #1.

#2  English Breakfast

This is another nostalgia trigger for me, I’d always sit in the cafe with my mates on a Saturday and talk shit about the night before, who got with
who, who got arrested, who’s in hospital.
We’d all be in stitches, faces covered in baked bean sauce. Absolute slobbery.

#3  Half Baked: Snicky Finger 

These are the best snacks you’ll ever eat. All natural frozen snickers style bar. So bangers.

#4 Aromatic Duck with Pancakes 

Mate are you dizzy, these are the pengest thing you’ll ever get from a Chinese restaurant. My dad used to take me and my brother out for Chinese now and again,  I’d smash a quarter of a duck every time without fail. Honestly it’s a game changer.

#5 Rainbow strip fizzy things 

That’s my guilty pleasure, I’m like a moth to the flame with them shitz. I have to have some pretty serious internal dialogue to avoid buying them at the desk of the corner shop.. every time.


22/03.2019 // Shark Bar // Gold Coast
23/03/2019 // Backroom // Brisbane
29/03/2019 // The Grace Darling // Melbourne
30/03/2019 // Factory Floor // Sydney
5/04/2019 // Meow // Wellington // NZ
6/04/2019 // Whammy Bar // Auckland // NZ

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