Lucy Burke is a singer songwriter from Sydney performing in the style of ambient
acoustic pop jazz. Drawing influences from Lana Del Ray, Portishead, Billie Eilish,
Radiohead, The Beatles and Norah Jones, Lucy Burke’s music is varied and
engaging. Not one to be boxed in, her live performance ranges from gentle and
intimate to powerful and soaring vocals.


Top 5 Films with Lucy Burke


1.     Romeo and Juliet (1996) – Yes, the Leonardo Dicaprio film. This movie spurred a 10 year obsession with Leonardo Dicaprio, inspired me to become an actress for one year, though my mother kept insisting I “stick with the music, stick with the music.” It also led to a deep love of Shakespeare.


2.     Good Will Hunting – No matter how many times it comes on, I always have to finish it. ‘It’s not your fault, it’s not your fault.’ Such a raw and emotional scene.


3.     Naked Gun – Watching it with my mum is a MUST. Her laugh at Lesley Neilson’s face just makes the film.


4.     Shawshank Redemption – So good. Enough said.


5.     28 Days Later – for the soundtrack alone! Cinematic, building, orchestral, haunting – amazing. Greatly influenced the recording of my song Calm Before the Storm.

As at home in an intimate acoustic setting as she is with full orchestration, Lucy Burke has the freedom to choose which setting best suits each song. That versatility keeps her from painting herself in a stylistic corner, she points out.

Lucy Burke chose The Vanguard to debut her latest creation for its reputation as a premier live music venue. Built specifically to showcase live music, the venue offers guests a relaxed vibe, with late-night fare and custom-crafted drinks available as they enjoy a night of fine music.

Calm Before The Storm by Lucy Burke Out September 18th.

Date: 22nd September 2019
Time: Doors 6pm
Venue: The Vanguard, Newtown
Supports: Peta Mai & Little Fox

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