Melbourne-based blackened rock’n’roll band PAGAN are thrilled to announce their debut album Black Wash will be out on July 6 in Australia via EVP Recordings, and the UK / Europe via freshly inked label with Hassle Records. Featuring the new single ‘Death Before Disco’. 

We asked the gang what the Top Five  Favourite Punk / Metal Moments You Wished Your Nonna Would Understand’ are. Check out what they had to say. 


  1.  David Lee Roth gets interviewed in his bedroom in 1981.
    There’s not really much else to say about this other than it is the greatest interview ever conducted in the history of heavy metal. I feel like this would have been so difficult to edit because literally everything that comes out of David Lee Roth’s mouth is pure poetry. My Nonna, rest her soul, would have been mortified by his haircut, and the fact that he was still in bed after 6am and he had guests.


  1. Justin Pearson on Jerry Springer
    Justin Pearson has played in some of the most influential and boundary pushing bands in the history of hardcore punk – The Locust, Some Girls, Retox, and like a thousand other interesting bands. But it’s debatable that his greatest opus was telling a lie so well thought out and brilliantly executed that he and his friends found themselves on this raucious episode of Jerry Springer, entitled “Secrets Come Out”. Honestly I actually kind of feel like my Nonna, rest her soul, would have enjoyed this episode. 


  1. Punch at The Place 

San Francisco’s Punch were one of our all-time favourite hardcore bands. In 2012, they toured Australia and by some greater fate ended up playing one of their Melbourne shows at The Place. The Place was an old fruit shop that Matt and Xavier’s old band rented and converted into a rehearsal space which had a few shows and became a “place” where we would hang out until its eventual demise (the rent got bumped up). The sound on this video is pretty dusty, but it’s a window into one of the best shows any of us have ever attended and heart-warming to see that space and that band still alive in their respective glory days. Super Unison and Torso are two rad bands that came from Punch’s end. Too much noise for Nonna, but well worth your time!

  1. The Damned and Motorhead appear on The Young Ones
    Only pop music can save us now! This is sort of cheating because its two videos in one answer, but despite my Nonna, rest her soul, probably not understanding the jokes at all, The Young Ones was a true high point in British comedy. The show successfully managed to take the absolute piss out of the politics and culture of its era (1982-84) but also brought alternative comedy and music to a national television audience. My understanding sn that the show’s creators somehow figured out that the BBC would give them more funding if they were able to turn the show into a “variety show” so to do this, they asked some of their friends in bands to perform during episodes of the show, only their friends just happened to be the likes of Motorhead, who performed Ace of Spades on the “Bambi” episode and The Damned, who performed Nasty on the episode, “Video Nasty”. A gateway into for many into UK metal and punk for sure!        

The Damned: 



  1.  Plasmatics – Butcher Babies 

Wendy O Williams was the greatest. She was a true anti-hero and the most badass woman in the history of rock/metal/punk/whatever. You could post pretty much any video of her and her band The Plasmatics and she would no doubt be doing something rad and wild because she genuinely did not give a fuck about anything, but I think this performance of the song “Butcher Babies” is a great starting point. Shaving cream, exploding amps and a chainsaw. Wendy O is an icon and I’m sure don’t even need to explain why my Nonna, rest her soul, would not care for this one little bit.


Embracing their Italian roots in an almost sarcastic fashion until it’s pretty much become serious, Pagan have charmed audiences with their unique candour and straight-up saucy attitude since forming in 2015. The past 18 months have seen them play coveted spots on UNIFY Festival, Yours & Owls and BIGSOUND.

Check out their music video ‘ Death Before Disco’ here

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