After taking off with her soaring single ‘Here We Go Again’, Brisbane bombshell Sahara Beck is back and set to shine even brighter with her new intoxicating release, ‘I Haven’t Done A Thing Today’. Produced by ARIA Award-nominated magic-maker Tony Buchen (Mansionair, Courtney Barnett, Montaigne), ‘I Haven’t Done A Thing Today’ delivers an irresistible art-pop anthem that is utterly infectious, leaving you smiling ear-to-ear. 

Sahara’s ‘Top 5 Things You Should Do Today’


  1. Yoga  – I never used to be into yoga, but recently have been making myself do it regularly when I wake up in the mornings no matter what I have on that day. I find it makes my whole day so much better, and on the days where I don’t do it, I personally find my mood is noticeably worse and things are harder to deal with!
  2. Do some painting –  this always makes me feel good and it’s a bit of fun! Also, once you’ve finished you can either stand back and feel accomplished with what you’ve created or at least have a good laugh at how bad it turns out!
  3. Practice – I find it hard to get into practicing sometimes but once I’m in the swing of it I have to admit it is the best feeling in the world. I enjoy getting better at my instruments and singing as it is something I am doing for myself. Bit of selfcare ya know?!
  4. Tell someone you love them  – I do this many times all through the day to many people. Just when I think of someone, it could be a friend, a partner, a family member or even just someone you are becoming friends with slowly. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your love with others and there’s no way that telling someone something so true and nice will impact them or yourself in a bad way.
  5. Go to the Planetarium – This is just a fun one I like to do sometimes. Laying back in a big dome with a documentary about space or black holes…. Or whatever they are playing on that day is always a good time.


Her song may be called ‘I Haven’t Done A Thing Today’ but Sahara’s actually been doing plenty lately. Since the release of ‘Here We Go Again’, she’s performed at Bigsound Festival, supported Bishop Briggs 2019 tour and sold out (for the first time) her own hometown headline show on her national November tour. She also returned to Los Angeles to reunite with Tony Buchen and hone her craft at his Kingsized Soundlabs studio.

Brimming with infectious energy and playful abandon, ‘I Haven’t Done A Thing Today’ is the next sparkling step in Sahara Beck’s musical journey. Welcome aboard, it’s going to be quite a trip.


12 April // Ipswich Festival // QLD
Ticket info HERE

29 June // ALTFEST // Adelaide
Ticket info HERE



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