Consisting of Parker Rose, Rob Johnson, and Matt Scully, Sunset City have been capturing the hearts of audiences all over the country. With a tonne of touring over the past 18 months the trio have performed at a range of events and venues including, Suncorp Stadium, the Commonwealth Games, and Surfers Paradise Live.

We asked Sunset City to hit us with their fave songs for the summer.



1. September – Earth Wind & Fire

September’s the one song that even if you didn’t know how to dance, for some ungodly reason, you would instantly be infused with a jackson-esque type shimmy that could only be replicated with a few tequila sunrises. This song is the pinnacle of summer, it’s also a reference for the “feeling” we were trying to replicate with “Forget It All”.


2. Cake by The Ocean – DNCE

We’ve covered this song live so much that people legitimately started thinking it was our original, I can’t count how many DMs we got from people saying just heard your song’ and we’re like ‘umm this is awkward’


3. Don Henley – Boys of Summer

It’s a classic, and besides the fact that “The Don” is the only one wearing a shirt in the film clip, the song is based on a summer experience. Everyone has a memory of a summer that they can never forget…and what an epic way to tell it. We also love the Ataris cover for mad throwbacks too!


4. Thirsty Merc – In The Summertime

Firstly because Australian artists are awesome! Everything about it just feels like summer to us… I feel like it relates perfectly… we did a couple of summers for the most part without jobs, surfing, or in our case trying… it’s just a classic Australian anthem for summer haha.


5. Get lucky – Daft Punk

Besides the fact the film clip silhouettes jamming in front of a giant summer sun, get lucky is the pinnacle of summer vibe, going out to have fun, and a riff to make anyone dance. If it wasn’t called get lucky, I dare say it’d be called summer sex or something to the effect of that promiscuity

Teaming up with the stunning Samantha Jade, break-out Gold Coast trio Sunset City are set to release their feel good summer single ‘Forget It All’ on Central Station Records. Dubbed as Australia’s answer to Maroon 5, the trio know how to keep it classy. With their unique blend of pop, funk and electronic, Sunset City are quickly becoming known for their infectious energy, and talent for delivering charismatic records time and time again.



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