Lachlan X. Morris is dropping his psychedelic doomsday record Premeditations this Monday.
We’re going to be sharing his tracks one by one ahead of the release this weekend with exclusive insights from the self-pro
claimed “Dad Rock Artist”


‘Gluttony A.D.’ was my last chance to purge all my psych-rock tendencies before I disembark. Full of phaser on guitars and drums. Heaps of reversed radio signal to make it sound like aliens broadcasting. This song is about electricity giving up and how much we rely on it, so all of this is perfect to paint the picture. The freak out in the middle is electricity on the fritz, lots of strange unsettling noises. I wanted a big prog-rock reprise right at the end where we have the power go out and I start a big acoustic finale. 

Like what you hear?” Lachlan is taking Premeditations on the road with a mass of shows this November

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