Lachlan X. Morris is dropping his psychedelic doomsday record Premeditations this Monday. We’re going to be sharing his tracks one by one ahead of the release this weekend with exclusive insights from the self-proclaimed “Dad Rock Artist”getting you started are his insights to the album


Originally, I was going to put out a 7” record, with a song called ‘Turnstile’ and a track that isn’t on the album, called ‘Every Time It Rains’. I started writing a bunch of ideas around the time that we were recording that were all loosely thematic and slowly I knew that I needed to pursue a bigger body of work. I ended up releasing ‘Every Time It Rains’ as a single and kept ‘Turnstile’ for the album. It can be found on Side B of Premeditations. What came next was an album full of sci-fi conspiracies, lots of phaser n fuzz and 70’s harmonies.

So take a listen as Lachlan X. Morris takes you through the new album over the weekend as we give you an exclusive sneak peek where Lachlan X. Morris explains the inspiration for each song. 

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