Floating with ethereal sensuality and lush electronic pop, the brand new single Blue Honey out today from Australian singer-songwriter and actress Georgia Flood silkily captures the gamut of anxiety with glassy and polished affability.


Following on from Georgia Flood’s country-dipped debut single Cowboy earlier this year, Blue Honey seamlessly embodies its cool and oozing namesake while also mingling Flood’s formative musical loves and eclectic inspirations, as she explains, There isn’t a clear influence for Blue Honey, even when I sent a reference playlist to my producer Matt Curtin, it was a very diverse list, artists including, Alannah Myles, Fred Again, Róisín Murphy, and Lucinda Williams. This was the challenge of Blue Honey, I couldn’t really find anything that would describe what I wanted to create. My loves are electronic music, pop and country, and with this track we tried to make a blend.”


Teaming up with producer Matt Curtin, who also took on mixing and mastering duties for Blue Honey, Flood welds her crystalline vocals across palpitating, humid beats, ambient instrumentation and hauntingly sensual melodics. But beneath the after-dark pop sensibilities, Blue Honey also powerfully displays the realities of anxiety beyond the stereotypical traits, with Georgia Flood’s own creative identity firmly at the wheel. “Blue Honey is about the experience of anxiety,” reveals Georgia Flood of her latest sonic outing. “As an artist, I would have to say I have a caring, messy, 17-tabs-open-at-once-mindset, and loud…but also sometimes really quiet”. And it’s these multi-faceted attributes that effortlessly bolster Blue Honey alongside its sleek production and Georgia Flood’s sharp lyricism, declaring: “She keeps the lights on at night / So they won’t try / Take a look / Or go inside / Her colourful mind.”


Starting her musical journey at a young age, taking up the piano, violin and singing as a child, Georgia Flood was raised by her parents on a musical diet of classical music, K.D. Lang, Van Morrison and Shania Twain. Carrying her early passion into her teens, Georgia Flood soon delved into electronic music, before picking up the guitar at the age of 14 and discovering the music software Reason via her high school music teacher; and the rest, as they say, was history. Also an established and accomplished actress, making her onstage debut with the Melbourne Theatre Company before going on to appear on House Husbands, Wentworth and American Princess, Georgia Flood will next be seen on screens worldwide in the Disney+ TV series Nautilus, due out in December this year.


Previously garnering praise for her polished and modern take on the country pop realms, Georgia Flood’s musical journey continues to unfold in compelling and stylistically expanded fashion, and Blue Honey is another beautiful piece of the Georgia Flood creative puzzle unfurling in 2023. And, as Georgia Flood concludes, her relatable-yet-glossy creations bring tangible art to life; a fact inspired by the late great Carrie Fisher herself: There’s this amazing line from a film written by Carrie Fisher called, Post Cards from the Edge, where Meryl Streep says to Gene Hackman “I don’t want life to imitate art, I want life to be art.”. I’ve always loved that quote. That pretty much sums up what I’m about.”


Blue Honey is out today, Thursday July 20.


Soundcloud: BLUE HONEY



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