Ayoo we are Those Who Dream, an alt rock duo from Perth, WA. We grew up listening to pop-punk, then started combining it with influences like industrial, hip-hop, and experimental. One day we taught ourselves how to produce music and make films and nowI guess we release music videos about a floating eyeball worshiping cult disguised as a mental health facility?

My Dream Rider

We always joke about this one like “nah we’re humble we don’t need much” but then I’m like naw forreaaaal I wouldn’t say no to:

· A movie-theatre popcorn machine

· A therapy dog (or… Cat??)

· A fresh ramen bar!!

· A lifesized Jake Gyllenhaal wax sculpture

· A freaking Chiropractor/masseuse that tours with us and heals our owy muscles!!

· A TV with every Wes Anderson movie loaded onto it

· A buffet bar with bite sized pieces of fried chicken from every culture in the world… all on little toothpicks :~)

· Ranch fountain (for fried chicken)

· A fully setup studio in our green room so we can just record stuff before and after shows… or during??

· A teleportation booth or something that can transport us back home to Perth with our humans and cats no matter where we


We’re playing GOOD THINGS festival around Australia and we’d love to see you at stage 5 at 1:05 😎 And if you’re interested in the DIY videos we make… start with ‘Violet’ and work your way through to our new song One Of My Kind! Look i even made you a playlist 🙂 Also keep up with us on social media cause we got way too much exciting shit to announce next year and we’d love to have you along for the ride 😈


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Get your tickets to Good Things Festival HERE

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