So, Glitoris are we deliberately being provocative?

Yes, we deliberately provocative. Why not? We’ve got to get people to think about some shit. Otherwise it’s just boring going about their everyday jobs, not realizing that there’s a lot of fucking work to do.

 Why do you think female anatomy is particularly provocative?

It’s just a great a great organ and why not name your band that?

 Do you find people at your shows get a little bit offended?  Have you ever been accosted after shows sometimes?

People seem to get really empowered and inspired. We’ve actually, I don’t think we’ve ever had anyone get angry at us. And we don’t think clitoris is provocative- it’s just an organ that hasn’t been studied really at all. And it’s really important that is women as well as men on stage singing about shit that’s important – like i.e. their clitoris.

Do you think that your name splits your audience?  Do you attract a certain kind of audience?

We attract a whole range of people- its obvious we’re going to attract a lot of people from the LGTBQI community and we do and they make up quite a large portion of our fan base, but we’re not here to alienate people and I think. I think one of the biggest misconceptions about this band is the, you know, all they’re fit. They’re clearly feminists that they’re seeing it about feminist issues. They must hate men and that’s just not the case because we absolutely adore men. Most of our, a large portion of our fan base and just like white heterosexual guys and in fact the team, our team behind the scenes and just amazing guys like most of them are men and they do incredible things and its  really important to realize that feminism has a dirty connotation, which is a whole  other issue, but let’s just move on and realize that for gender equality to actually happen, everyone has to be on men especially have to be on board.

So for us we just came from last weekend we did four shows last weekend which was sold out with the biggest that actually a lot of men are feeling like, hang on, this is, this is an issue for everyone and this is what we’re really passionate about. We love me. Don’t be talking about mental models, women’s issues a lot and I feel like it’s a partnership thing that we need to do to together

What would you call yourselves musically? Punk?  

We’re certainly punk Certainly rock, certainly J-Pop, Opera, don’t forget glam.  Rock.

It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s cross genre. There’s obviously, there’s a lot of alternatives, and past influences but then, you know, we’ve got four-part harmonies in there that were drawn clearly from musical theatre. Um, you know, we’ve punk, you know, we’re all trained musicians.


So what makes punk, punk?

Its an ascetic. Its beyond music.  beyond the ramones and the sex pistols story and you can hear, we reference all of those bands we pay our dues. So you know, you can hear references to The Stooges and Ramones and the sex pistols and everything we do. But um, but it doesn’t start. It’s about a lifestyle. It’s about what you believe in. Is that being political. It’s about not settling for second best. It’s about being ambitious, being brave and just not giving a fuck about what you want to do. And you know, fuck everything.

How does that fit into your left-wing political ideals? Your Facebook page describes you as left- wing- punk.   Does left- wing play its way into punk?

That was a Trump supporter that said that Someone said we were left- wing BS bitches, no respect for Donald Trump, so its become our bio. It makes sense, it sums us up perfect.

The way we write songs is someone comes ranting about things into rehearsal and then we write a song about it because it’s important.

Is it a release?

Yeah, lets get it out, get it out of our systems like it’s giving other people permission to feel through our music.


Do you think the audiences they feel released watching you as well?

You can see it.

It’s so what’s missing in the punk scene?

Vagina. But also, people just writing songs about anything meaningful music. There’s music and there’s far too much music planned that fashionable. That means nothing. Its’ songs about ‘ Oh my girlfriend didn’t call me’ – Ugh who wants to listen to that?  That’s got nothing to say that it’s like fuck the system, like if we do something about the environment, if we don’t do something about equality issues are fucking going under we had going on, but no one’s gonna do it for you. You know, if you don’t, you know, it’s the old saying, isn’t it? If you stand for nothing, you’ll settle for anything.


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