Palais Theatre

9 March 2023

It’s Blusher’s first ever tour and tonight is their first show in their hometown. The newly formed female pop trio instantly hook us in with infectious fun and lively energy.

Together Jade, Miranda and Lauren have a great chemistry with synchronised dance moves and sweet harmonies that intertwine so effortlessly. They switch places throughout their set, swapping instruments and taking turns on lead vocals.

They get the crowd up on their feet dancing for a song called Hurricane Chaser and throw on some shades to break it down at the end with a cool dance routine. Their favourite cover of MGMT’s Time To Pretend is a fresh take on the beloved indie hit wrapped in a cloud of sparkling synths.

Blusher put their best punch forward with their exciting debut set and it’s an absolute knockout. There’s no doubt we can expect great things from them and for alt-pop fans, Blusher just might be your new favourite Aussie girl group.

Norwegian songstress Aurora makes her entrance onto the stage, bathed In red light with a bright yellow sun projected behind her as she begins with Heathens from her latest album The Gods We Can Touch.

She commands a stillness in the air and not even a pin drop can be heard over her incredible voice. Her ethereal stage presence is spellbinding, and the audience is entranced by her powerful, yet delicate vocals. “It’s important to first do the crying then the dancing,” she says as she starts off with a few slower paced songs.

Some days I feel it’s difficult to soak in the applause but today it feels nice. I think because the room is so old it makes me feel like I’ve been here for a hundred years, and I can feel the people that were here, both ancient and new which is something I can relate to,” she explains.

Aurora shares a strong connection with her fans and often stops to talk and open up about funny little stories and memories full of her brilliant wisdom and wit to make us feel honoured to be in her presence. “My favourite thing about this room is that it’s full of weird people who are perfect,” she comments.

Her collection of songs are powerful anthems that explore themes of being human and how we live and interact with the world around us. Issues such as capitalism, environmental crisis, and standing up for equality, are just some of the honest and empowering matters she advocates.

This song (Apple Tree) is about how saving this world is in our hands. Making the world better for all of us,” she reveals. “It was International Women’s Day yesterday, a day of celebration but it also makes me very sad and angry as well so it’s a complicated day for us, I think. It’s full of emotion and I always get very riled up and angry during this next song. I sing this for all who don’t live in the world they deserve right now,” she reveals.

Aurora takes us on a rollercoaster of emotions and her performance changes with the wind from still introverted tender moments with sweet falsettos, to big explosive dance outbursts with growling vocals. The background eclipses from an sun to moon, day to night to suit the mood of the song and she lets loose on fan favourite Running With Wolves, full of animalistic dancing and howling choruses.

She waves the pride flag as she gifts a beautiful speech about inclusivity. “You know you’re welcome here no matter who you are. The whole point of you is that you are designed to be different from anyone else, that’s the whole fucking point, mate! “The next song she sings (Exist For Love) is about how love makes us so beautiful, it makes us so selfless and vulnerable. It makes the world so wonderful, and I don’t understand why anyone would fight against the right to love,” she declares.

The two-song encore features one of her most upbeat pop tracks Cure For Me and Giving In To Love, so they crowd gets up on their feet to join her in one last dance together.

You have given me so much energy today, I really needed a crowd just like you,” she says. Before her farewell, Aurora imparts more of her wisdom by teaching us a valuable lesson. “The point in life is to not be so scared. Try to give a stranger a compliment every day. It will open up so many doors. Even though it’s scary, it makes you happy, it makes them happy and it’s just wonderful.”

“It makes my life better on the days I’m sad to just dare to interact with the world and not think to much about what’s going to happen because we’re all going to die anyways. I hope you know you deserve everything in the world, and you can do whatever you want. I hope you find happiness and I love you.”

Words by Michael Prebeg

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