Boy & Bear

The Forum, Melbourne


It’s a  chilly evening in Melbourne for Sydney band Boy& Bear, the band entering the stage to a warm welcome. Having been entertained by the smiling Jack Botts, the crowd are more than ready for a good time.

Kicking off with ‘ Lordy May’ the band are here to make up for lost time, having been absent from Melbourne stages for quite some time. This evenings crowd is a mixed demographic of young and old, united by a love for the indie rockers.

There isn’t much time wasted in between songs for banter and chit chat, the set list is a whopping 17-songs including ‘ Old Town Blues’, ‘ Harlequin Dream’ and ” Vesuvius”.  Mid- way through the set lead singer David Hosking does an impressive version of Chris Isaac’s ” Wicked Game”, singing in a lower register and hitting the high notes with perfection, demonstrating impressive vocal range.

Debuting recent single ” State Of Flight” the band have played an impressive set if songs, that have made people dance and sway in time to the beat.Heading into the encore, the band finish strong with ” Walk the Wire” and the Crowded House classic ” Fall At Your Feet” which brings the entire audience together singing in unison. Ending with ” Southern Sun” the sing a long continues until the last notes fade into the night. Phones raised in the air, videos being made to capture moments that will stay in memories long after the lights go up.

Words and images by Amanda Lee Starkey

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