The first Expo Liaison was definitely a “custom curated experience”. Although met by a typical cold and rainy Melbourne day on Saturday, festival goers didn’t seem to be bothered. Photos in the rain alongside the off white limousine, wasting no time in diving into some liquid assets and visiting the fashion precinct to get fashion ready for the day, was the first stop for many while waiting for the first act to hit the stage.

Expo Liaison turned out to be a big small festival that met all their promises. The crowd was entertained not just through an amazing line up, but also through ice sculpting and the action packed wood chopping throughout the day. Restrooms were on high demand during the festival and may have been on the low priority list when organizing the festival seeing cranky patrons wait far too long to use amenities.  A second stage would have also worked, to keep people a little more entertained during the long gaps between sets.

First in the lineup to hit the stage was No Zu, an eight membered group of percussion, synths and brass. They wasted no time in getting the crowd up to the front to get the party started. For the next 45 minutes there was no slowing down and everyone was hooked on their energy.

Luke Million was up next with his funky disco remixes continuing the vibe set by No Zu. He welcomed KLP to the stage and treated the crowd for the very first time to a cover of Bag Raider’s track Shooting Starts and a remix of KLP’s Amnesia.

Alice Ivy wasted no time in creating energy around the main stage while jumping from instrument to instrument throughout her entire set. She welcomed Charlie Threads to the stage who strengthened the beat, created a huge vibe and kept the audience alive.

Up next was Total Giovanni, with hints of 80s drumbeats and synths that stole the hearts of many in the crowd. If disco is coming back, Total Giovanni will be the front-runner. With dance moves that you could only perfect while looking at yourself in the mirror, Total Giovanni succeeded in getting the crowd peaked for what was to come.

As Kon was up, the anticipation of the headliners Client Liaison increased with every minute. The air was filled with excitement as one of our true heroes was about to step foot on stage, the legend John Farnham. “The Voice” was heard not only on stage, but also in a roaring sing along throughout the adoring crowd. The feeling was mutual between Farnham and the crowd as he was clearly having the time of his life up on stage. Client Liaison’s front man Monte Morgan shouted, “I can’t believe we put on our own festival!” before handing out Foster’s beer to the crowd assisted by gorgeous dancers, the Fosters began to flow.

Pulling out all the pyrotechnics, multiple costume changes and the Client Liaison dancers, Client Liaison succeeded to inspire the crowd and convinced that fantasy is in fact truth. While Farnham was the clear highlight of the set, Client Liaison also performed their new single for the first time, keeping the crowd excited for what is to come in the near future. For a band that relies on fun and a party vibe they sure know how to deliver what the crowd wants.

Closing the festival was DJ John Howard, who kept the crowd dancing through the night. Expo Liaison succeeded to make an experience of a lifetime and turned a dreary Melbourne day into an expo for all the senses.

Words and images by Monique Pizzica


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