Electric Callboy

Max Watts, Melbourne

On an unassuming Wednesday night in Melbourne heading into one of the cities favorite venues, Max Watts, there was an air that something special was about to take place. There was an eclectic mix of attendees, ranging from heavily tattooed wearing all black to hyper bright 90s inspired workout clothing. You could definitely tell that they were all headed to see Electric Callboy.

From the street you would have no idea what was about to happen inside, however walking down those stairs, you could feel a buzz in the air, that tonight was going to be a great night. The air hung heavy with anticipation for what was about to unfold on stage.

With a fully sold out venue, it was a sight to behold. A sea of people all the way from the barriers to the balconies, it was hard to move, but there were no issues with people letting others past or any egos about people standing in front of them. Everyone was just too excited.

The combination of excitement for a first time Electric Callboy has graced our shore, coupled with it being quite a few attendees first show in a number of years, the atmosphere was Electric (pun very much intended)

As the lights dimmed, an intro video played, and the crowd erupted. Ready for the next hour of high intensity dancing, singing and screaming.

They entered the stage wearing their outfits from the “Pump It” video clip and the crowd lost their mind. From the second they started playing the energy of the band and the crowd were at a level that is the highest the venue has seen in a long time.

After starting with one of their biggest hits, they introduced themselves and told us a little about themselves and their journey to Australia. I’m someone who is usually sceptical when a band or performer talks about how good the crowd is, but you could see in their eyes how overwhelmed at the turn out and reception the received that night.

They ran through a few of their older songs, and were left shocked when most of the crowd sang along, not only in English, but also in German. Another outfit change and it was time for “Hypa Hypa” a song that if you are not familiar with, needs to be added into your rotation. The venue was absolutely heaving.

Going through their catalogue of songs the crowd seemed to be digging deeper to be louder and more energetic. And as Electric Callboy thanked Melbourne and left the stage, the traditional chant of “One More Song” echoed through Max Watts. As is always tradition they came back to a roar to perform “Mindreader” and “Spaceman” before heading off once again.

The crowd started singing the tune of “We Got The Moves” louder than any PA or Speaker by now the frenzy- like excitement almost deafening.  You knew that they had saved the best for last. After their 3rd outfit change of the night, the entered the stage complete with bowl cut wigs and the crowd was chaotic in the best way possible.

After finishing their set, they humbly thanked everyone and got the crowd to sing with them the hook from “We Got The Moves” of which the second line could not have been more fitting

We are young, we are free, sipping on booze on a sunny beach. We’re alive, we believe, that summertime memories, will never fade away”

So from all of Melbourne, thank you Electric Callboy, for a new set of summertime memories.


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Words by Mat Went

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