Forming in 1992, Portland natives Everclear have had nothing short of an impressive career. From their massive hit ‘ Santa Monica’ kicking it all off for them, the band have a back catalogue that is sure to get the crowd excited.

Opening with ‘ Everything to Everyone’, die -hard fans line the stage, mostly OG fans that have more than likely been there since day one. Excitement is an understatement when Art Alexakis welcomes the OG fans and comments that he is pretty pleased to see all of the old skool grunge rockers out tonight.

Powering through the hits ” Heroine Girl” , “Heartspark Dollar Sign” and “Father of Mine’ the band take us down memory lane, and it’s a nostalgia trip that is well worth the ride.

As a band, Everclear gel well together and there is a sense of fun and familiarity, as they jump around the stage, clearly having a great time. The audience lap up every moment of the show, glasses raised in sheer joy.

Closing the set with the smash hit ” Santa Monica” the whole room erupts into a sing a long of epiec proportions. Everclear have taken us all back to the less  complicated  pre-social media days when music meant something.

Words & images by Amanda Lee Starkey


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