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April Sun festival kicks off with a huge line up of fresh faced Future Classic talent to keep the Melbourne music scene alive this Autumn. Held in the grounds of the St Kilda Triangle, in the Palais Theatre car park – it’s not a location that’s hosted a festival like this but it’s a great space that’s been well thought out with plenty of room and a huge open-air stage. Punters brave the brisk night to soak up the live atmosphere with plenty of food trucks and drinks to accompany the live music.

Sycco aka Sasha McLeod, has crossed the borders to Melbourne for the very first time to get the audience warmed up with her infectious bedroom pop anthems including ‘Dribble’ and ‘Germs’ that evoke feelings of summertime. McLeod has a super bubbly energy and her sweet and chilled vocals combined with the electronic production gets us hooked. She shares her most recent song ‘My Ways’ and despite not performing with her usual band, it all gels together without a hitch.

Touch Sensitive (aka Michael Di Francesco) is a one-man band for tonight, alternating from keyboards to slapping the bass and busting out the funkiest synth-laden instrumentals known to man. He begins with his supreme ‘First Slice – Intro’, which teases a sample of ‘Pizza Guy’ to get the crowd salivating. The groovy beats continue to unravel ever so smoothly with a nostalgic, yet modern mix of funk, disco, and electronica with a cool ‘80’s-asthetic. He serves up his recent song ‘Same Girl’ released with his long-time band Van She Tech and glides through the frenetic paced set with plenty of confident basslines, syncopated synthesizers and irresistibly catchy handclap moments for the whole audience to join in on. Crowd favourites, ‘Lay down’ and ‘Pizza Guy’ is finally unleashed in all its glory to get the crowd into a continuous dance party.

G Flip aka Georgia Flipo, hasn’t played a live show for a year and tonight is her only Melbourne show in 2021 so it’s an unmissable event for any fan. Usually a one-woman-band, tonight she is joined by a couple of other musicians so she can move around the stage and interact with the audience freely. With an unrelenting energy bigger than her own body, she kicks off her massive 90-minute set on the drum kit where she feels most comfortable before moving to the front to really belt out a few tunes.

Down to earth, honest and relatable, G Flip reminds us of the importance to check in with our mates and most importantly have a good time. She shows off her incredible drumming skills with a solo mash up of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ mixed with Fergie’s ‘London Bridge’ And Kanye West’s ‘All Of The Lights’.

“I’ve never felt more unfit in my life” she laughs, puffed out before someone asks her do a cartwheel but she still musters up enough energy so do one for us. She then continues with an unreleased track she calls ‘Tour Song 2016,’ written a long time ago touring around America when a lot of crazy stuff happened. She teaches us the chorus to sing along. We are also treated to a brand-new song coming out soon called ‘Not Even In Vegas’ as she welcomes her good friend Thomas Headon back to the stage to sing about being in Dubbo after their failed travel plans together. It’s a chilled out tune that catches on quickly and sure to be an instant hit.

She changes things up for ‘Stupid’ as she picks up her guitar and sings along and then her latest song ‘Queen’ dedicated to all the strong women in her life, some of which are here tonight including her mum, friends and her teammates from the women’s Collingwood Football Club. With a taste of some new material she’s been working on, we’re excited to see what else G Flip is cooking up this year before we see her play live again in 2022.

Words by Michael Prebeg