Jett Rose

Hawthorn Hotel

Deputing on the Hawthorn stage, Jett Rose delivered a powerhouse performance at the Hawthorn Hotel, leaving an indelible mark on all who attended. Specializing in post-grunge rock, the band brought a raw, unfiltered energy to the stage that was both nostalgic and refreshingly modern.

From the first note, the band’s vibrant energy was unmistakable. Rose, the charismatic lead vocalist, captivated the audience with a voice that seamlessly transitioned from gritty intensity to soulful depth. Her stage presence was magnetic, drawing the crowd into every song and creating a shared experience that resonated deeply with fans. Being her first performance on the stage, it would be understandable if Rose was nervous, but all through the performance the band were tight, professional and a polished act. The audience was even treated to a Green Day cover as Liam took to the microphone for a song.

The audience were completely captivated and the intimate setting made the audience experience that much more enjoyable. What set this performance apart was the band’s ability to engage the crowd. They didn’t just play their music; they lived it, inviting fans to join them on a journey through each powerful, emotive song. The result was a dynamic and unforgettable night of live music that showcased the Jett Rose Band’s exceptional talent and undeniable passion.

Whilst new to the live music scene, Jett Rose performed like seasoned professionals and they are certainly  one to watch .

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