John Butler Trio with Missy Higgins
Sidney Myer Music Bowl

The hill is awash with people at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl as the sun starts to dip below the horizon as Missy Higgins seats herself at a keyboard. Dressed in a printed pants suit the singer apologises for having a cold but manages to power through the set with absolute professionalism, only once asking for a tissue, her team of mother’s group women here to support her.

This evening Missy is relaxed and playing to her home crowd suits her, the familiarity fitting like a snug glove. She plays through several beautiful pieces “ Red Moon” and the delightful “ Futon Couch” a wistful song about meeting her husband in Broome and serenading him to a Colin Hayes song. She manages to squeeze in a tribute to her son with “ Song for Sammy” but its when she plays her hit “ Special Two” the crowd sings along with abandoned.

By the time she is ready to close the set with her break out song “ Scar” the entire crowd is up and dancing, warmed up for John Butler Trio receiving a standing ovation for her performance.

By the time John Butler makes his way to seat himself at his guitar the crowd is well and truly running on adrenalin and as he makes his way through popular songs “ Better Than”, “ Tahitian Blue” and “ Better Man” the energy in the arena would be enough to raise the roof, if there was one. Taking a seat to play the solo “ Ocean” brings the atmosphere to a more reflective one for a moment as John demonstrates his ability to compose and perform instrumental pieces that are impressive and inspiring.

Stopping to tell the sad tale of his paternal Grandfather passing away before his birth, John reflects on how the pain of one incident has affected several generations in his family. Its an introspective moment of intimacy that he shares before leading into the new track “ Coffee, Methadone & Cigarettes” a sad tribute to his Dad and family.

With the evening drawing to a close John Butler has entertained the crowd and bought good vibes and energy that will reverberate in memories for a long time to come. He’s made the crowd dance, move and feel along with him tonight.

Winding up with “ Get Funky” he tells the crowd “Sing loud and not give a shit about what anyone thinks”and everyone does.

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