Matt Joe Gow
George Lane

There is a space where the heart begins to break, and in it lingers the voice of Matt Joe Gow.

The export from Aotearoa stands before the relaxed, yet enthusiastic crowd at St. Kilda’s George Lane to share his unique blend of grungy country music.

Opening with  Come to Mama straight away it is evident that Matt is an exceptional song writer, with lyrics that seem to grab a hold of your heart and give a gentle squeeze. The deep timbre of his voice accompanied by nothing more than a guitar, reverberates across the room.

Gliding smoothly through the set with I Let You Be, I Can’t Dance and Til My Whole Heart Burst, Matt mesmerises the crowd. Katya Harrop joins Matt onstage for a number of songs including Flowers in Your Hair, Sweet Collapse  and Grand Ambition her voice is a beautiful addition to the set. A rendition of Nick Cave’s  Where the Wild Roses Grow is exceptionally captivating, their voices harmonising perfectly.

Ending with the bittersweet tribute to his mother  Between tonight and Tomorrow is the perfect way to end the set. The song speaks to anyone who has lost a parent, the inexplicable grief captured in the moving lyrics.

Matt Joe Gow is a unique talent, one that is hard to categorise, his sound reminiscent of old school country music, with a modern twist. His song writing both captivating and moving at the same time, his voice lends itself to a sound that appeals to listeners that might not be traditional fans of country music, and invites in a whole new fan base of people that simply enjoy good music.

Words by: Amanda Lee Starkey
Behind the Lens: Lucas Packett




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