Sarah Blasko, 170 Russell Melbourne

Sarah Blasko is one of those musicians that has a rare gift. With the ability to write songs that take the listener on a beautiful sun-drenched journey through her world she is a delight.

Dressed in a cute black and white dress, she floats on the stage like a wood nymph or butterfly to draw the audience into her mysterious world.

Having recently released ‘Depth of Field’ Sarah floats her way through the album starting at ‘ Phantom’ and deliciously working her way to the end finishing with ‘ Leads me back’ . Having promised to also sing older material it is a rare experience for an artist to perform an entire album.  She does as promised though and she moves through to older songs  ‘ I am ready’, ‘ Be your man’, ‘ I awake’ to encore with ‘ Down on Love’ and ‘ Without’.

During the performance she keeps talking to a minimum, however to talk would be to break the spell she weaves as she dances  and twists about, arms outstretched in yearning at times.

Sarah Blasko is a delight to watch on stage and to be allowed into her world for a short time ans share her stories of love and heart break has been captivating and memorable.

Words and images by Amanda Lee Starkey


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