Something for Kate

Friday 26th August, Northcote Theatre

“We were the first electrified building in Northcote over 100 years ago. Today we look forward to amplifying culture all over again.” is what the Northcote Theatre have written on their website and there was definitely electricity in the air in anticipation of hometown heroes Something for Kate.

Back for another show just a few months after their last run, it feels like a treat. The band would be in 3 piece mode to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their debut album Elsewhere for 8 minutes.

As the punters file in, you could smell the fresh coat of paint on the stunning new venue. The duty of warming the crowd was given to Tom Lyngcoln who you might know from another cult local band The Nation Blue. It was a captivating set from the solo musician. He had a projector showing ocean scenes and sharks swimming in the background. At one point during a song that had some looping guitar, Tom took off his flannel shirt and black jeans to reveal an identical flannel shirt and black jeans underneath. There were a few humorous and self deprecating moments like that throughout that definitely got the crowd ready for the main act.

Something for Kate are a beloved band. Once you fall for their music, you’re in for life. This was evident by the wide range of vintage SFK shirts on display tonight. It was clear that the long term fans were out in full force for this show that would have Paul, Steph and Clint play their debut in full. When a band plays an album in full live, it is a slightly different experience in that you know what the set list is going to be. Paul was clearly having a little fun with that fact when introducing the songs. He would regularly say “This next song is literally the next song on the album”.

There were huge sing-a-longs for the classic hits ‘Pinstripe’, ‘Captain (Million Miles An Hour)’ and ‘Working Against Me’. It would also be a night where the band played the track ‘Glass Timing’ live for only the second time ever. The musicianship on display was incredible. This album has times signature changes and intricate arrangements that the band effortlessly negotiated with just the 3 of them on stage.

The encore consisted of more tracks from the early days of the band. Fan favourite ‘Truly’ made an appearance. They would close the night with ‘Subject To Change’ and ‘Higher Than You Think’ from their first EP.

It was glorious night of nostalgia and a celebration of a band that has been delivering the goods for 25 plus years.

Words and images by Nate Hill

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