The Butterfly Effect
Northcote Theater

Like every other Australian act it’s been a while since The Butterfly Effect have graced stages. With the recent release of their fourth studio album, ‘ IV’ the band have hit the road to treat dedicated fans to some new music.

Having been warmed up by Caligula’s Horse and Thornhill, eager fans anxiously await the band’s arrival. Opening with the cinematic intro, the first bars of ‘ Dark’ drift out over the audience and things have kicked off.

The Northcote Theater is packed to the rafters with a slew of people dressed in black, the fog from the stage hangs vexatiously in the air, creating an atmospheric feel to the show silhouetting frontman Clint Boge in a halo of smoke, at times engulfing him. Whilst it may be impossible to see him, it’s impossible not to hear his pitch perfect voice cutting through the thickened air.

Playing through a number of hits,  ‘ Always’ ‘ Tired’ ‘ Room’ and ‘Gone’ the band are in sync and sounding like a well oiled machine. Frontman Clint Boge wastes no time with on stage banter or stories, he’s clearly here to do business – and that is to play some music. Fans sing along with eyes closed and voices loud, drinking in every moment, and Oasis after a long drought.

As the band pause for a thank you to all the crew, they launch into an unofficial encore, wrapping up the evening with ‘Reach’ and leaving the audience wanting more. As the crowd files out into the cold raining night, The Butterfly Effect have delivered nothing short of an impressive show.

Words and images by Amanda Lee Starkey

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