Sisters of Mercy

The Forum, Melbourne

Recently celebrating their 40th anniversary, it was such treat to have The Sisters of Mercy grace our shores in what seems like forever since they were last here.

On this balmy Melbourne spring evening, stepping into the iconic Forum Theater it felt like being transported back into the 1998 film ‘Blade’, with plenty of eyeliner, black leather, piercings and Doc Martens to be seen.

Opening with the tracks, Don’t Drive on Ice, Crash & Burn and Ribbons, made for a solid start to the evening. It was such a treat to hear tracks from their three albums Vision Thing, Floodland and  First and Last and Always. In addition, there were a huge number of tracks that weren’t released on any of the albums (singles, EP’s, etc) and were a joy to hear live – Instrumental 86, When I’m on Fire, Eyes of Caligula and Show Me.

The current line-up consists of Andrew Eldritch (Vocals), Ben Christo (Guitars), Dylan Smith (Guitar) and Ravey Davey (Doktor Avalanche).

After a 21 song set, the band returned for an encore of  Lucretia My Reflection, Temple of Love and This Corrosion.

Overall an extremely important and exciting show.


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