Tropical Fuck Storm, Micheal Beach & Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice

The Forum

It’s a great feeling to be experiencing live music again, particularly in the beautiful surrounds of the regal Forum Theatre and particularly when its some of the exceptional talent this city has to offer.

Photo punks, Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice, kick off promptly, all decked out in custom designed orange overalls and blasted through most of their newly released album, ‘Remember The Future Vol 2 & 1’ to the appreciative small, but growing crowd.

Melbourne based artist Micheal Beach was soon to follow, complete with band giving us glimpse of tunes from his recent vinyl re-issue of ‘Gravity/Revulsion’.

TFS were warmly received as they entered the cavernous Forum stage to Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’. Opening with Braindrops and moving quickly into Chameleon Paint saw the seated crowd eager to move and engage with the music. Playing tunes mostly from ‘A laughing Death In Meatspace’ with a  a selection from other albums the night culminated with a rendition of ‘Stayin Alive’ as TFS were joined by the members of Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice & Micheal Beach.

So good to have live music back in the rock n’ roll capital.

Words & Photos – Lucas Packett

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