Drawing thousands of guitar lovers and enthusiasts to the 2018 Melbourne Guitar Show, #MGS2019 is growing year on year and is gearing up for the biggest event yet. Champion of the Australian music products industry.

We caught up with Simon Hosford to talk guitars 

What was the first guitar you ever owned? Tell us about how you got it.

The first guitar that I ever owned was a Yamaha nylon string classical guitar that I got when I was five, and in fact I still have it! My first electric guitar wasn’t until I was 12 years old, and that was a black Squier Stratocaster. After a year or so, I ended up putting in a humbucker and “ Washburn Wonderbar” locking tremolo system.

What was the first song you ever learned to play?

Hmmm.. first “Riff” might have been the Theme from Peter Gunn. First song.. geez that’s tough, maybe something like The Morning Has Broken, or Lemon Tree, or something like that.

If you could add any guitar to your collection what would it be and why?

I’d love to add an old 50’s or early Strat, for it’s nostalgia, and that it was the first electric guitar I fell in love with.

Who do you think are the top three male guitarists in the world?

If I had to only pick 3, It would have to be these 3.

  • Eddie Van Halen

  • Andres Segovia

  • Tommy Emmanuel

Who are the Top Three female guitarists?

  • Joni Mitchell

  • Vicki Genfan

  • Bonnie Raitt

If you could design your own custom guitar what features would it have?

I DID! Haha… it was a Super Strat, themed and coloured “Scuderia Rosso” like a Ferrari 458, complete with a headstock shaped like a Ferrari, carbon fiber touches, and custom Yellow Humbucker to represent the brake pads. (and yes, it was fast lol)

If you could play a gig alongside any guitarist (alive or dead) who would it be?

I’m fortunate enough to have played alongside Tommy Emmanuel, which is an incredible honour. If I had to choose another it would be Eddie Van Halen.

Five musicians you’d invite to dinner and why?

Alive or Dead, I assume?

  • Jimi Hendrix (to root the conversation at the beginning of rock’n’roll)

  • Miles Davis (to bring a tough attitude, and keep it real with lots of swearing)

  • David Lee Roth (for the wit, wisecracks and laughs)

  • Steve Lukather (for being the great raconteur that he is)

  • Prince (to ground everything in coolness and understatement)




The Melbourne Guitar Show will be held at Caulfield Racecourse on August 3 and 4.

Tickets are on sale June 7.

The Melbourne Guitar Show is produced by the Australian Music Association, an incorporated not-for-profit. Proceeds, if any, are used to provide services to the Australian music products industry, particularly the promotion of music making to the community.

Online ticket prices when pre-ordered:: Adult day pass $20, adult weekend pass $30, family day pass $40, concession day pass $10, concession weekend pass $15.


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