It’s fun, it’s fast, it’s funny and it’s over in a phantom flash.

You don’t need to be a megafan of the Comedy Channel’s Teen Titans Go TV series to enjoy this film but it doesn’t hurt to have a fan explain the ridiculous premise to you (if you’re Gen-X or older).

Here’s the deal; The Teen Titans are led by Robin, of Batman sidekick fame, a teen with a utility belt and no real powers other than a giant ego and chip on his shoulder. He now lives in Jam City (safer than Gotham) and leads a band of talented teenage wannabe superhero misfits called Starfire, Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy.

On a high from fighting off a giant pink inflatable villian that ends in an extended fart-taunting scene, the Teen Titans find themselves locked out of Batman’s latest superhero movie premier because they’re not real superheroes and Robin is just a sidekick. Humiliated, Robin, being the narcissistic teen he is, knows he will never be respected as a ‘real’ superhero until he gets a superhero movie of his own and for that he needs a supervillain nemesis.  

So the gang are committed to helping Robin find their villain and get his own movie. What follows are over two hours of non-stop crazy cartoon adventures that include travelling back in time to prevent all the superheroes tragic origin stories and thus preventing superheroes (Mwahaha), long-winded fart jokes, fantastic fight scenes and plot twists within twists (of course the villain is revealed to actually be…).

However the film’s highlights are the many weird in-your-face parody music montages including The Upbeat Inspirational Song About Life sung by Michael Bolton!

While definitely for the fans, there’s still plenty to enjoy for anyone dragged along by a mini teen titan. For the comic book-lover this film is crammed with upending tropes and wink-wink meta gags about superhero lore.

There’s a Stan Lee ‘cameo’ even though it’s the DC, not Marvel, universe. There’s loads of Deadpool references and Nick Cage voices Superman, a nod to his superman movie never being made. Like Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One earlier this year, there’s so many nods to the 80’s and the superhero genre, that if the film wasn’t so puerile (in a good way) and fast-paced, it would be geek-elitist.


Teen Titans Go! The Movie is out in cinemas on September 13.

By Irena Bee

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