My Backstage Pass: PARKER


Gifted visual artist, songwriter and musician PARKER has released her iridescent new single Can’t Keep Waiting, a once-in-a-lifetime song, one that soundtracks a grand leap into the unknown and away from everything comfortable and safe.

PARKER has also announced a cinematic video clip to accompany the track, made in collaboration with director and technology artist Jaymis Loveday (Emma Louise, Ball Park Music) and sculptor Briony Law.  PARKER has just completed an artist residency at Sawtooth ARI gallery alongside drawer and sculptor Jo Lane.


My Backstage Pass by PARKER

I’ve been to so many after parties and back stage parties all around the world and they are usually too crowded, too noisy and the band always finds a tiny booth to hide in away from everyone.  They end up wrecking their voices trying to talk over the loud music, ordering juice and soda water and then after 10 minutes making an excuse to leave and go back to the hotel where it is quiet. 

A performance is a deep dive into one’s emotional bank so a decompression chamber would be a more appropriate space to step into post gig.   

For me this is a quiet place to relax and reflect on the performance with the band.  

– A beautiful space filled with amazing plants, comfy places to sit, low warm lighting.  

– The soundscape would be recordings from a summers evening in the Australian bush. 

– Ultimately I’d love to look up at the night sky filled with stars so maybe I should seriously think about putting a star projector on the rider. 

– The food and drink served would be mineral water, herbal tea and fresh seasonal fruit to start and then a team of chefs to make everyones favourite homemade meal.  

– The guest list would consist of close friends and family of the band. 

– And I’d invite a selection of the worlds best masseurs so that anyone can book in a massage.  

– Oooooo and comfy robes.  We all need comfy robes.