Carrying on an easterly wind, a soft melodic beat drifts up your spine, slowly spreading throughout your body. Lifting you up above your body, two voices sing to your soul, bringing you out of yourself entirely.                                                                       

This is Abroad. The musical project that has been created by Will Cruger and Jack Dawson to elevate your being through genuine musical connection. Drawing inspiration from electronic sounds, the duo spend countless hours in the studio, searching for the perfect kick, the perfect sound, the right snare, before unleashing their beautiful voices, talented guitar playing and synth over the top of the production, creating rich music that’s dripping with emotion and energy.                                                            

The duo spent much of the early days of the project living in separate cities, focusing on creating music and connecting through that. Their early music connected well, building organically before All I Want captured the attention of curators, placing them in Just Chill, Front Left, The Local List, New Dance Beats, Indie Arrivals and more, boosting the song to over 1,000,000 streams. The band has now signed to Th3rd Brain records to bring the evolution of the project to life, pushing the boundaries of their own creativity. Finally being in the same city, the guys are ready to launch the live side, with a string of shows penned for early 2022, leading to a tour in the later half of the year to promote their debut album.                                                              

Saddle up and have your boarding pass ready, because we’re taking you on a journey.

My Dream Rider

  • A Jaquzzi! Seems super indulgent and outlandish, but this is the fantasy list right?
  • A coffee machine for pre/post sound checks
  • A vast selection of beers, ciders, wines. Something for everyone
  • A roadie, someone to set all of our kit up so we can just play/party
  • A ping pong table, complete with umpire
  • A table of tasty snacks, including M&M’s sorted by colour and a salad bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
  • A table of less tasty, more healthy snacks to balance
  • My Dog
  • Michelin star chef to cook treats for my dog.
  • A Nintendo 64 with Goldeneye, Mario Kart and super smash brothers


And while the Abroad journey is already set to bloom even brighter in 2022, the pair are firmly fixed to offer a live show equally as captivating as their tunes, with three NSW shows on the cards, starting at Park House on Sydney’s Northern Beaches on April 29. Ecstatic to be playing live, Abroad are set to showcase their passions and their technical chops, as Will explains, “This is why we create music. Jack and I both sing and play instruments, so we really try to do as much as we can live. The set we’ve been working on since the start of 2020 has continually evolved, we’re playing a range of instruments and making the entire performance engaging to our audience.” And alongside the euphoric tunes, there’s some visual and aural beautiful surprises lying in wait for NSW audiences, as Jack explains, “We want to create a show that blows people away. As well as sounding crisp, we want the full show of lights and atmospheric energy to keep the audience present and engaged.”

Our new single ‘Coffee’


April 29 – Park House at the Mona Vale Hotel

May 6 – Beach Road Hotel in Bondi

May 19 – La La La’s in Wollongong

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