After numerous accolades including an award of achievement from President George Bush, Sr for writing when he was 15, US based artist & actor Adam Davenport is back with his brand new single ‘Change The World’ available now on all streaming services. The new release comes after his successful debut single ‘My Return Address Is you’ in 2017 which soared on the Billboard Dance Charts for 10 consecutive weeks peaking at #23. We caught up with Adam Davenport and asked him what he would have on his Dream Rider, see his fully packed rider below!’ 
Mr. Davenport requests the following for his set at (INSERT VENUE) on (INSERT DATE):
– Fast WIFI (10 Mbps)
-4 rolls of fresh sushi (Mr. Davenport likes an assortment: you have some flexibility here.)
– Private dressing rooms for all of Mr. Davenport’s dancers. They are to be treated with the same consideration and respect that a headlining artist would receive.They are artists too.
– A bench press with 4 plates & a complete dumbbell set up to 90 lbs in Mr. Davenport’s dressing room. Mr. Davenport’s fans have paid a premium and they will expect him to be in a physical shape matching his photos on Instagram.
-A gallon of Alkaline water, preferably 1907 New Zealand Artesian.
-100 publicity photos ready for Mr. Davenport to sign and distribute to his fans backstage.
-A Buddhist monk for a 30 minute chanting session prior to Mr. Davenport’ set.
-A massage therapist for a 60 minute deep tissue session following Mr. Davenport’s set. (Mr. Davenport’s boyfriend has requested that the massage therapist be female.)
– Helicopter arrival at the venue.


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