1. Forming in early 2015, Geelong’s own Amberyse wasted little time establishing themselves as a fiery and energetic collection of musicians with a dynamic stage presence. The groups blend of heavy/melodic riffs, groove riddled percussion and their frenzied energy bring together a unique sound that they are proud to call their own. The release of their last creation ‘Heavy Hands’ in 2018 saw the group playing with the likes of Northlane, In Hearts Wake, Ocean Grove, Hands like Houses and Deez Nuts.


1. Five Large Pepperoni Pizza’s – nothing gets us up, about and ready for a show better than a fresh pepperoni pizza. After an 8+ hour drive when we’re all fried from the drive and just generally over it, a good pizza has turned it around 100% of the time!
2. A pint and a half of the venue’s best beer for our drummer Corey, who operates as his best self with exactly that amount. Strictly no more haha.
3. A packet of Hairy Lemon (cheap Aldi berocca) – not exactly sure why this one stuck but, damn, it works magic after a big night!
4. Access to a hot shower – sometimes on the way to an interstate show we might not have time to get everything ready at the place we’re staying that night and have to head straight to the venue. Nothing beats a good shower before/after a show.
5. Simpson’s hit and run – because why not?
6. A PS4 and TV with a fresh install of Skyrim – to get Corey through the tour with minimal withdrawals.
7. Access to good coffee – obvious reasons right?


The Geelong outfit have now announced four red hot shows for ‘The Glass House Tour‘ – with sets at Sydney’s Crowbar, Melbourne’s Stay Gold, Geelong’s Workers and Brisbane’s Crowbar supporting Brissy hometown alt-metal legends Meliorist. Tickets to all shows are available atwww.amberyse.com/shows.


Thu, JUN 20
Glass House Tour – Sydney
Leichhardt, Australia

Fri, JUN 28
Glass House Tour – Melbourne
Brunswick, Australia

Sat, JUN 29
Glass House Tour – Geelong
Geelong, Australia

Sat, JUL 6
Glass House Tour – Brisbane
Fortitude Valley, Australia

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