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Arrebato Ensemble is contemporary flamenco with edge, led by best friends and long-time musical collaborators, the acclaimed flamenco guitarist Greg Alfonzetti and Damian de Boos-Smith (cello, oud fretless bass and guitar). Last year marked 15 years as a performing and recording entity, and the release of their long awaited third album Sofia’s Dream. With a new line-up that includes Byron Mark (cajon and percussion) and dancer Chachy Peñalver, founder and director of Sydney Flamenco School, the group are taking Australia by storm with their fresh contemporary take on Flamenco Music. The group will perform a string of dates throughout August this year, before hitting the road for Musica Viva Australia which will take them to regional centres of New South Wales. 

Greg, Damian and Byron – The Musicians:

1. Spiced Rum

2. Masseuse on standby at all times

5. A manicurist who is an expert in superglue skills for flamenco guitar playing fingernail repair

3. Roadies to setup/packup our gear just the way we would with extreme care

4. Fresh, Hot cinnamon donuts after the gig!

Chachy – The dancer:

1. Unlimited Fresh Coconut fountain in the dressing room so I can keep myself hydrated pre and post show

2. 4 feet Masseuses waiting in the dressing room after show, with happy marimba song as sound track.

3. 20 Tequeño’s trays (Venezuelan mozzarella sticks, wrapped in crunchy dough) served next to ‘Santa Teresa’ rum + lemon to share with the boys!

4. Friendly Barista who can provide me with the best espresso shot before show with a touch of honey.

5. The whole dressing room should be covered with books so it looks like a little hidden library.

6. A big poster of an unicorn next to CDs just to remember Joni (my husband).

7. My own ‘George Constanza’ printed cushion (Seated at the moment in a Byron Bay café, awaiting for my rescue)

Wollongong town hall 2nd august

Canberra smiths alternative 3rd august

Lizottes newcastle 11th august

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