Bailey Rodrigues is an Australian rapper and songwriter best known for his latest single Let Me Know. He first started gaining popularity on Spotify in 2019 for his track Colours which landed him on multiple international playlists and first national radio play for the song Francisco. In 2022 he headlined the mini music festival Vice City and launched his own independent record label under the name Rodrigues Records which will house other artists and musicians. Follow Bailey Rodrigues on Instagram and YouTube to catch The Come Up documentary.


  1. Two German shepherd puppies on arrival to greet any guests.

  2. The monkey from the hangover 2 serving champagne wearing RODRIGUES RECORDS merch.
  3. Big platter of sushi and tropical fruit.
  4. Vodka cruisers on ice (Every flavour)
  5. A frozen margarita station
  6. Fisher on the decks
  7. Snoop dogg hand rolling blunts for everyone
  8. Party bags for all my guests which include the keys to their brand new lamborghinis
  9. Fairy bread

I think this is perfect. It’s a bit of everything and caters to all. A mixture of pure chaos and tranquility. Greeted by two puppies would be perfect to keep the nerves at ease. Snoop dog is also there to help with that. Fisher to keep the vibes high and get everyones energy ready to hit the stage. Then to balance it all out we have some gourmet fairy bread, sushi and ice cold cruisers. Its the perfect mix for the perfect show.

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