Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Pop-alt artist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Benedict translates experiences of heartbreak, love, social observation and justice into their melodic artistry. Echoing a sound that falls in-between the lines of Kate Bush and Prince, the singer is soon to send waves worldwide.

10 items on your fantasy rider and why you’ve chosen each one (please be as wild as you like!)

  • First of all there has to be whiskey! Always a cheeky cheat warm up for the vocal cords. ( A little secret )
  • A basket of real teacup yorkshire terriers and teacup pigs. Why? For cuddles and joy before the show ..LOL
  • A vintage Gibson Firebird guitar available to use for the show and then keep! They are my favourite!
  • Vocal warm ups with Prince – I am sure with his vocals he would have the most insane warm up techniques
  • Free tattoos from all my fave tattoo artists. A chance to add to my art!
  • Electric guitar lessons from Jennifer Batten – Michael Jacksons female lead guitarist! I want to learn off the best!
  • A hot tub and massage pre show! Relax the body and mind!
  • A hang out with some of my favourite artists currently – PINK/ LADY GAGA..AND…CHER!!! Being in a room of strong women! My kind of heaven.
  • A dance lesson from Michael Jackson! Only the best performer of all time!
  • Receiving a blank check to give as much money as I want to my favourite charity! YASSSSSS – make some change in this world!





TOFF IN TOWN – 9th September – Melbourne.



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