ARIA-winning Bob Evans, the musical alter ego of Jebediah’s Kevin Mitchell for more than 20 years.  Over five albums, Bob Evans has been the acoustic melody king, the folk/rock alternative whose songs include ‘Don’t You Think It’s Time’ and ‘Nowhere Without You’ has just released his latest single ‘Born Yesterday’, a nostalgic ode to yesteryear.

As I write this in the year I celebrate a quarter of a century in the music biz, I have come to learn…not very much at all.  I have, however, experienced enough euphoric highs and crushing lows to be sure of one thing and that is, be grateful for your rider, any rider at all.  These days I ask for very little and still end up not getting through it all and I hate waste, especially if it’s food that someone has made by hand.  So I like to try and make a rider as economical as possible but for the purpose of this exercise, here are some ideas that pop into my head today for the ultimate rider.

1.  2 bottles of vintage Penfolds Grange.  I’m a red wine drinker and I’ve drank lots of lovely wines over the years but never anything truly from the toppermost shelf, nothing retrieved from the darkest corner of a private cellar, dusted off and poured like liquid velvet into a glass for me to consume.  Even when I found myself alone and in Canberra on my 40th birthday, I still only shelled out $40 bucks for a bottle as a present to myself.

2.  A sommelier, or just some kind of wine expert, to guide me through my wine drinking experience, explain to me what I am drinking and answer my questions.

3.  A plate of international cheeses and home made fruit pastes, to have with the wine.

4.  A local historian who, between soundcheck and the show, as I sip on my wine and cheese, performs an entertaining 30-minute presentation, with slides,  detailing the history of the area I am in that day, from its indigenous roots, through early colonial settlement right through industrialization and to modern times.  They would have to stick around afterward to answer whatever questions I might have or area’s that I would like expanded on.


5.  A live, compact bossa nova band, playing the best of 60’s Brazillian bossa nova music, set up in the corner, providing background music for pre and post-show festivities.

6.  A wall of slushie machines, in case it’s a hot one, slushing up a wide variety of sugary flavors, ice-cold, that can be dispensed at mine and my guests’ leisure.

7.  The best vodka there is, to add to the slushy if I feel so inclined, although why I would need top-shelf vodka for this remains a mystery to me.


8.  Those slushies are full of calories, so we’re going to need some kind of all in one exercise machine, like one where you can walk or run or cycle or step.  So much time is spent backstage sitting around, often after a long day of sitting in a van or a plane and I’m getting old.  Sometimes hanging around backstage can be so boring, even exercise would be an attractive proposition.

9.  Extra large TV screen and Foxtel for those winter months when the AFL is on so I may never miss a West Coast Eagles game.

10.  A hacky sack, one made out of the finest Persian woven fabric of course.  I wouldn’t need this for a Bob Evans gig but for a Jebediah one.  If the Jebs are ever feeling a little sluggish before a show for whatever reason, (perhaps from overindulging in our rider ironically), we have found that a spirited game of hacky sack gets the blood pumping.  It’s also a non-competitive, team-based exercise that has been known to foster an improved sense of camaraderie, perfect for taking out on to the stage.

New single and video Born Yesterday



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