Hey, I’m Christian Ruiz. I’m a producer/singer/songwriter from Adelaide. I’ve just released my debut single “Miss You” and it would mean the world to me if you could check it out! When I’m not in the studio cooking up you can usually find me walking around the neighborhood pondering deeply. I’m most passionate about music and it’s not something I just want to do but something that I NEED to do!


0 items on your fantasy rider and why you’ve chosen each one (please be as wild as you like!)

  1. Pepsi max drinking fountain to quench what water cannot.
  2. Jerry Seinfeld performing standup to ease those pre-show nerves.
  3. Taylor 914 guitar for warming up backstage!
  4. Massage chair to loosen up and wind down pre and post show.
  5. Table full of every single pasta on the planet for a post show feast!
  6. Macbook Pro to work on productions and listen to show tracks.
  7. Sony C800G, Neve 1073 preamp and Tube Tech CL1B compressor to record any inspiration I get while backstage.
  8. Exemplary gas heater in winter – Let’s be honest it’s not fun being cold, and many heaters do as much as an umbrella in the ocean, so an Elon Musk esque heater is going to be on the cards.
  9. Blue lightsaber – all of us deep down have wanted to be a jedi at some point in our lives.
  10. Harrier Jump Jet – ever seen true lies? If you answered yes to that question then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Who needs a helicopter when you have a plane that can hover?



Glossy artist and producer Christian Ruiz has shared Miss You; an effervescent slice of soothing electronic pop released today, June 15. A track detailing unexpected connections alongside calm hooks and airy vocals, as well as Christian’s debut single as a solo artist, Miss You is also accompanied by a music video to dynamically transport you into Christian’s magnetic creative world.

Miss You is out now.


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