A self-confessed geek obsessed with chess, Dahlia Ray is infamous for sharing and creating good times in live settings where she has been steadily weaving sonic magic over the years. “I love that music unites people by the shared experience of the songwriter. I’ve sung since I can remember and so it’s always been my only real outlet”.


My fantasy rider. Lol This is so good.

  1. Contact lens solution
  2. Pastel coloured bed and pillows, really good mattress thanks. Love a nap.
  3. Cameras over looking the stage that I have access to with one click on my phone like wifi, so I can watch the other artist’s show on my bed from backstage.
  4. Moet champagne and glasses
  5. A shower with nice smelling soap and all of that so I can shower and get comfortable after the show lol.
  6. A unicorn that I can ride over rainbows with. Wow this is getting good.
  7. A massage therapist.
  8. A really nice well cooked steak with chips and salad to have after.
  9. New York Cheesecake for dessert.
  10. A chess board.

My new song is “Bonfire” is out now. You can listen/watch/ buy it here



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