I am Dan Keyes and I make music with my friends for you to listen to. I am not artificial intelligence.

And here’s My Dream Rider!

  1. El camino el el camino. The front is like a car. The back is like a truck. The front is where you kiss. The back is where you el camino el el camino
  2. A desert island where we can exist untouched by modern society.
  3. Pizza. So everyone can get a piece.
  4. Tequila to help you dance.
  5. A love letter because it is a love letter.
  6. Looking at someone you love in the eyes and seeing that they love you back.
  7. A light up dance floor because lets fucking dance!
  8. Lip balm. To balm the lips.
  9. A phone call. Call me. We have things to discuss. I love you.
  10. Candy!!! Chocolate in the middle of the night.

The Plug:

My band and I have a new single out, it’s called London, there’s also a fun video clip, you can check it out below:

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