At the age of 8, Daniel began busking on the streets of Melbourne, then as a teenager took on a DIY approach releasing his music independently. He now has over 6 million streams of his own music/videos and is signed to a major label with the release of his new EP coming later this year.

My Dream Rider

  1. Truck load of sour patches because they’re the most addictive things in the world & I need to get hyped before jumping on stage.
  2. Massage chair ‘cos why not?
  3. Jacuzzi… I guess I’m turning the green room into a day spa.
  4. Duolingo Premium so I can learn French backstage without ads
  5. Flat white with almond milk.
  6. Rice, chicken and veggies ‘cos I’ve gotta stay healthy.
  7. 10 boxes of Manuka Honey UMF 20+ (highest potency) to keep my voice in check.
  8. Chris Martin backstage with me so he can teach me his ways.
  9. Some pure bred Jack Russell puppies.
  10. Doughnuts from The American Doughnut Kitchen (Vic Market in Melbourne). Best doughnuts I’ve ever had.


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