Sydney-based Dirt City re-establishes grime and heart into modern heavy music and unveils their self-titled EP. The band renounces the soulless and overproduced climate that has plagued the genre and instead focuses their alternative rock/metal stylings on heavy riffage and keeping things real for that visceral authenticity.

Dirt City’s dream rider according to their singer Warren:
An iPod (remember those?) loaded with favourite podcasts – this avoids stressing over the songs we’re about to play, and also avoids doom-scrolling
A framed portrait of Bruce Springsteen – to bring on the “Boss” mentality
Selection of fresh deli meats – I hate singing on a full stomach, so just a carnivore snack before
Pack of small bottles of water – I’m less likely to drink the whole thing for some reason, go figure
Selection of (LYNX) deodorant
Pot of black coffee
Fresh socks – these are a must after getting off stage!

Scotch fillet steak, cooked in duck fat, no garnish just salt – hey, if I can pick anything, I’ll have one of these ready for when we get off stage, thanks
Hand full of band aids – I inevitably cut myself on something
Okay so the other guys may want some things too, I guess – some top shelf whisky but watered down to a 75% ratio so they don’t get too trashed !!

Dirt City are about to drop their Debut EP this Friday Pre-save here:

Dirt City will also be playing their launch show at the Duke of Enmore on 24 August, supported by rock fiends Paint Job and grunge lords Hawker.

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