My Dream Rider: Edgecliff


We are a hard hitting, sharp edge rock band from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. We all met in highschool and love playing music together. We are as passionate about rock music as we are about beer.

Some of these could be considered very much a fantasy!

1: Personal Tattoo artist: Because nothing beats a fresh tattoo.

2: Unlimited KFC wicked wings: Because the colonel has the best recipe.

3: A massage chair: because Jesse has a sore back.

4: A half pipe: because Jesse likes to hurt his back

5: A TV with Kayo: Because we don’t wanna miss out on the footy.

6: A bartender with a stocked bar: Because it makes perfect sense.

7: A Kelly Slater Wave Co. wave pool: Because Will wants to shred 24/7.

8: A fridge full of Kewpie Mayo: Compliments the wicked wings perfectly.

9: A fridge full of Passion Mangoes from Boost: Because Jacob’s thirsty.

10: A projector playing School of Rock on repeat: because Dewey Finn is the man!

We have a massive show coming up to celebrate the release of I’ll be Gone

at Avalon RSL on June 11th. This one’s going to be massive and we absolutely can’t wait! 

You can get tickets here

Also, here are the links to our Spotify and our Socials:





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