Since stunning the crowd into a hushed silence at her first public performance, Ella Haber’s musical journey in 2018 was not as she expected. Finding inspiration in the creative community she frequented, supporting the likes of Lonnie Liston Smith, GODTET and Bin Juice, Haber made the decision to defer university, set up a home studio and dive deeper into her own solo project. Spending the year writing, recording, teaching herself production and learning new instruments, she is now ready to share her art with the world in the first single from her forthcoming CLAY EP. Fascinated by linguistics and etymology, Haber’s smooth, clear vocals are a testament to her passion for seeking understanding of how we make sound and how meaning is attached to the way we do it.


My Dream Rider:
1. First thing’s first; a giant, squishy colour-changing lava dome that smells like hibiscus and tastes like cookie dough and has literal laughing baby puppies floating inside it. Idk. Good for morale.
2. Only because I have literally dreamed this repeatedly – Princess Nokia, Angel Olsen and Drake rolling up in my green room to eat ramen and watch some pre-show Twin Peaks (with live narration by David Lynch, who’s obviously there too).
3. In case I’m on my own, life-size artificially intelligent cardboard cut-outs of my 6 best mates so they can laugh at my hectic jokes and riff a mad post-show de-brief.     …I fuckin love my mates.
4. A personal pep talk from Kyle McLachlan.
5. A massage lounge & bottle of Chardy for my hard-working manager queen Ali, and a pimped-out, all-star play pen for her baby son Neo (equipped with mini-earmuffs for his backstage spot at the gig, duh).
6. A no-questions-asked hotline to the finest Dr. Green in town.
7. A conveyer belt from the best burger joint in town direct into our mouths. And an endless fountain of milkshakes.
8. A rare but strict veto on my parents taking zoomed in photos of my face. And literally anybody in attendance of the gig. Or the surrounding suburbs. Sorry Mum & Dad, leave your tripods at the door pls.
9. And If we’re talking unlimited possibilities of a Dream Rider… having my family’s very own Yamaha Upright piano that I grew up playing, right there on stage with me 🙂

An utterly refreshing voice that leaves you craving more, the young singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is a formidable force not to be forgotten.

Having spent the year writing, recording, teaching herself production and learning new instruments, she has now been overwhelmed with support for her debut EP CLAY.’
Sunday, May 12 – Can You Keep A Secret, Brisbane
Thursday, May 16 – Penny Black, Melbourne

Ticket information here.



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