Enter into the lush and mysterious realm of Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Emily Victoria with her brand new track Humming Heart. .the lyrics for Humming Heart are quite abstract, like the video. It’s ultimately about having curiosity and intrigue, exploring the unknown and encountering the supernatural. It’s also about considering the cause of our existence and trying to make sense of one’s experience.


My Dream Rider


comfortable loose cotton clothing -I love to feel like I can move around naturally before a show

-Posters of Monet’s water lilies – the paintings capture some of my favourite tones incredibly well. The soft blues and greens are part of a world that I feel deeply connected to.

-sparkling water with a strong citrus element – the perfect neutral drink. Refreshing, light and clears your mind!!

-ambient lighting that isn’t too bright – maybe a mixture of reds, blues and greens that would complement the Monet!

-mossy terrariums – another item that resonates with me visually!! They remind me of walking through the forests in Tasmania. .

-spa bath – warm baths are one of my favourite things.

-a light minestrone soup – when I was young, a lovely Italian woman called Sarah used to look after me. She was always cooking soups with pastas, biscuits, and coffee . . and I would run around her vegetable garden and eat food most of the week… minestrone is the ultimate comfort / grounding food and perfect a few hours before a show!!

-a sound system to play Hosianna Mantra (album) by Popol Vuh – one of my favourite records which I often play on a speaker when I swim. The piano layers throughout the first track are quite hypnotic . .

-morphe eyeshadow – such stunning eyeshadow palettes. If you have the right brush, you can explore really beautiful colour contrasts . .

-a ceramic oil diffuser – I have one at home and they are the best!!


The Humming Heart music video involves a curious hotel manager who sees limbs in various spaces in a motel. . .

You can watch the video on Youtube –

Please send me a message on Instagram! @emilyvictoria__                                                                                 ( https://www.instagram.com/emvictoria___/ )

I will continue to release songs next year . . !

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