Pulsating rhythm and production meet strong vocal melodies; a stirring debut single, ‘Stormy Weather’ is the perfect introduction to exciting new duo, FORCES & FURY. As the new project of Astrid Holz and Kat Ayala of Rackett fame, Forces & Fury is the culmination of a shared desire to explore the textured sonic soundscape of alternative electronica and rock music.


We’ve seen our fair share of riders over the past few years, and they’ve ranged from 10% off drinks at the bar through to unlimited mojitos with a three course meal – yum! Here’s our Dream Rider:

1. Ice cold Prosecco with fresh strawberries. One glass before the show, lots more afterwards.

2. A yummy and fresh Gluten/Dairy free meal (Kat’s got some fun allergies). Getting a meal on tour is such a bonus, it saves us cash and also reminds us to eat before we get hangry.

3. Soft Towels – gigs are a sweaty occasion!

4. Dog-friendly green room with a dog minder while we’re on stage. Forces & Fury has a fur-child called Cassidy. She wants in on the action, but the live show part bores her and is a little loud for her big ears.

5. Private bathroom… for when the nerves really kick in.

6. Arcade machine, preferably Point Blank – Astrid kills it at this game. Wanna challenge? You’ll be sorry.

7. Big enough room for a bunch of our mates to come along and share the Prosecco!

8. TV with Broad City playing. Yas Queen!

The duo’s talent and musicianship has been proven through years of touring and shaking up of live venues around the country with Rackett, a band that has prided itself of producing unabashed raw music with weight behind it. Multiple sold out shows, impressive performances alongside massive acts including The Darkness, as well as praise across music publications and national community radio alike has provided Kat and Astrid with even more determination and vigour when it comes to the formation of their new collaborative project.


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