Melding the cosmic studio journeying of The War on Drugs with the melodic immediacy of The Stone Roses, Future Haunts are a group that exist on the blurry edges of rock music. Their songs are malleable; where textured guitar-scapes dissolve into fuzzy freakouts above always driving backbones. Agile melodies are foregrounded, layered, and scaffolded to smart structures that push, but never get lost in their own boundaries.

  My Dream Rider by Future Haunts

  1. To have a rider. Other than the generous Brissy standard offer of two free drink tickets (local beer only), we’ve never actually had a rider, so this would be an excellent start.

  2. One personal bar tender who does tricks and uses the best gear. Margaritas with a dash of chilli oil, a selection of pet nats and some Young Henrys tins are crowd favourites in our camp.

  3. Catering to include unlimited Pho on tap. It’s a unanimous addiction across the band and gives us just the right amount of fuel to hold things together. Also depending on the occasion perhaps a round of HSPs as a bit of a night cap to dust off the evening.

  4. Back stage DJ with 20 inch subs and an excellent record collection. Setting the mood before a show is totally underrated and our UE Boom battery always seems to be flat. Current preparation music staples would likely include some IDLES, Stove, Phantastic Ferniture, Parquet Courts, Tropical Fuck Storm.

  5. One intimidating person employed solely to walk around with water and powerade, forcing us to drink them at regular intervals throughout the night. Productivity levels the next day would probably skyrocket.

  6. Two pool tables, a ping pong table, dart board. Two pool tables are essential, as some of us may currently be at differing skill levels when it comes to this very challenging game. Being in a band means finding ways to kill lots of time waiting around and these activities have kept us relatively sane along the way.

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