Soulful Powerhouses Jeremy Passion and Gabe Bondoc will be returning to Australia and the Philippines with their Parallels tour this April.

Known for their soul-stirring R&B melodies and heartwarming acoustic performances, Gabe and Jeremy join forces in concert for the first time and are set to create unforgettable moments for their fans Down Under and across the Pacific.


We spoke to them about their ultimate Dream Rider.

Gabe Bondoc’s Dream Rider:
This is gonna expose me, but oh well LOL – here’s where my brain goes when I think “DREAM RIDER/GREEN ROOM!”
1. A helicopter to and from wherever because, ya know… traffic
2. Las Vegas style buffet back stage for the whole squad
3. Children’s play room with a slide, climbing wall/structure and indoor swing so my little ones can play (I often tour with my family!)
4. Freshly baked dark chocolate chip cookies with walnuts because… like – come on, they’re freshly backed dark chocolate chip cookies with walnuts
5. A quiet, dimly lit, “zen room” in order to center ourselves before getting up on stage
6. A big beautiful bathroom with a steam shower with one of those big ol’ rain shower heads to both relax and freshen up before and after the show
7. Dyson hair dryer (those things are sick)
8. A nap room with comfy stuff (separate from the zen room because… um, I snore)
9. Big ol’ TV with all the streaming services
10. Good company and great friends

Jeremy Passion’s Dream Rider:
1. Assorted Tim Tam platter with a hot cup of coffee in the middle to slam to my heart’s desires.
2. Two of the cutest Quokkas to hang with in the green room.
3. A separate sound-proof zen room for pre-show calmness
4. Massage therapist on tour to ease the aches and pains.
5. A huge bean bag to take naps in.
6. A teleport station that takes me from green room to hotel because I ALWAYS forget something.
7. A vintage upright piano for practicing and jamming before stage-time
8. A trampoline to get the nerves out before hitting the stage.
9. Cheese fondue fountain.. Need I say more?
10. Enough chairs and couches (and some toys) for the family and friends that come.







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