Ever-engaging and perpetually cutting-edge, indie shapeshifter Georgia Fields wows with elegant ease on her bold new track Holding My Hands Out, available now on all streaming platforms. “It’s a song about that primal desire we all have to be held. It’s about reaching your hands out for comfort, but grasping at shadows.” A magnetic showing of fearless art-pop and searing vulnerability, Holding My Hands Out is the latest insight into Georgia’s upcoming third full-length album Hiraeth, due later this year.

  1. Celestial Seasonings Bengal Chai tea, with almond milk. It’s spicy, and sweet, and you can mix it with black loose leaf tea if you want the flavour-kick with some caffeine as well.
  2. E.T. It’d just be really great to meet him.
  3. A glass armonica – it uses the same principle as rubbing a crystal wine glass, but instead of making one glass “sing”, it has a keyboard and a motor that spins the glass for you, so you can activate multiple notes at once. Prices start at about US$8,000 – but that includes a travel case!
  4. A 70mm telescope pointed at the belts of Jupiter.
  5. A specific funding stream for working Mums in the music industry. Ie. touring support that includes child care access fees; funding for the creation of new work; a bursary for musician-mothers to rent a studio space or office to work from outside their home for a year; mentoring specific to the demands of being an indie musician and a primary carer.
  6. A custom tailored linen suit by Anna Cordell Clothing – with an extra wide leg, and extra wide lapels. I’m tall and high-waisted pants are never high-waisted enough… Except with Anna!
  7. A tub of the handmade turkish delight ice-cream I bought from a little stall at Major’s Creek Folk Festival in 2018.
  8. 8 hours sleep, for 7 nights in a row. I haven’t slept like that since 2014!
  9. The Melba Spiegeltent, relocated to my backyard, and repurposed as an ice-skating rink. Local four piece Imperial Leather are permanently installed as the house band. There is also a snow cone machine.
  10. Bjork. I have so many questions for her.


This Sunday 10 July, I’m celebrating the release of my latest single “Holding My Hands Out” with a cosy fireside matinee at The Wesley Anne.

Performing solo with live loops, I’ll be sharing new songs from my forthcoming album plus some re-imagined favourites… The Andromeda String Quartet will make an appearance, plus a sprinkling of other surprise special guests! Support comes from indie-folk dreamweaver Amelia Allen. Doors 3pm, Amelia Allen 3:30pm, Georgia Fields 4:30pm. This is a family friendly event – children can attend if accompanied by an adult, and under 12s are free. Tickets via the Wesley Anne website.

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