Georgia Flood is an actress, musician, singer-songwriter and producer from Melbourne, Australian. Flood started off her acting career at age 14, and she has been acting professionally for TV, Film and Theatre ever since. Flood debuted her first ever country single earlier this year titled ‘Cowboy’. Georgia now introduces us to her electronic music side with ‘Blue Honey’. Expect to see a lot more electro pop from Georgia this year and the years to come, as she begins her journey into this hybrid career. 


10 items on your fantasy rider and why you’ve chosen each one (please be as wild as you like!):

1. An infrared sauna – Because u just feel amazing and refreshed and detoxed after it and ready to preform. 

2. An ice bath – Same as above. Thank you Wim Hoff. 

3. A big colourful tour bus that fits all my buddies with fluffy walls and fridges full of green juice. 

4. My dog Charlie for moral support 

5. Casamigos blanco Tequila, because party. 

6. Jalapeño popper chips, because snacks.

7. Personal chef….because listen I canNOT cook. 

8. I feel ridiculous writing this list, I have two singles out.

9. A treadmill 

10. A trampoline. 

The plug: 

My new single BLUE HONEY is OUT NOW on my Spotify! (And all the usual other outlets!)

I’m in two tv show which are about to come out the end of the year/ early next year- one is called Apples Never Fall for NBC Universal and one is Nautilis for Disney +

Please follow me on Instagram @georgiaannflood for all the updates and imminent music releases ! 

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